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Paper Sizes

A0 1189mm x 841mm

A1 841mm x 594mm

A2 594mm x 420mm

A3 420mm x 297mm

A4 297mm x 210mm

A5 210mm x 148mm

A6 148mm x 105mm

A7 105mm x 74mm

B1 720mm x 1020mm

B2 520mm x 720mm

B3 360mm x 520mm

SRA1 640mm x 900mm

SRA2 450mm x 640mm

SRA3 320mm x 450mm

SRA4 225mm x 320mm

SRA5 160mm x 225mm


Paper Finishes


A ceramic coating creates a smoother surface, often divided into matt, silk/satin and gloss finishes. These are the most common materials for printing.


Generally rougher in texture, uncoated papers are often used for materials that need to be written on like forms and stationery, but can also be used in brochures when a more natural/organic feel is required.


Recycled papers come in coated and uncoated formats. Both can be 100% recycled or part recycled. Usually not costing a great deal more.

Specialist Papers

We use many different types of special papers for wedding stationery, high end marketing, stationery and promotional material. If you want a textured, metallic or a completely unusual material for your next project, speak to us. We have so many options available to you and we can make them work. Please see our portfolio for some of the recent jobs on specialist stocks.