Why did we sponsor the awards?

Sometimes championing a new venture like the Taunton Deane Business Awards is just a no-brainer as far as business decisions go!

When we were given the opportunity to join a group of like-minded businesses who wanted to drive this new initiative we couldn’t say no. This event was to be completely driven by local businesses FOR local businesses; a unique proposition and one that would create a win-win scenario for all involved.

Carly Press is a local family business that is growing quickly. We began trading in 1982, 34 years ago, so our business has grown alongside those of our customers. We are expanding because we are investing heavily in our business. In recent years we have bought new equipment that has improved our capacity and output and has made us highly competitive. When the awards committee needed flyers, banners, display equipment and certificates it was no hardship to supply these. And yes, as one of the sponsors, our logo has been on everything and that in itself is a big marketing opportunity.

Being associated with success is a good thing. We knew these awards would be a success. Before we had even announced the launch, we had managed to attract the hugely acclaimed entrepreneur, Deborah Meaden to present the Commendation Award; a great coup.

As I write this the short-list has been drawn up from the 70 entries that we had; not bad at all for a new event. The evening presentation ceremony is being organised for the 16th June at the Cricket Club and short-listed businesses are looking to maximise their opportunities by telling the world, as we know it, about their success.

If success really does breed success, then sponsors and award winners alike will all have built on their profiles off the back of this brilliant new initiative.

As I said earlier, a win-win for all!